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Legal Boundary Surveys

C-41 and K-1 Lot Staking, C-42 and K-2 Lot Surveys, Boundary Disputes, Land and Easement Descriptions, Map Check Closures, Right of Way Surveys, View Plane Easements, Expert Witness, Consultation

Construction Surveys

Existing Conditions, Control Networks, Layout and Staking, As-Builts, Street Survey Monuments, Site Calibration, Pad Certifications,

Subdivisions and Condominiums

Preliminary and Final Subdivision Plats, Final Subdivision Staking, Legal Descriptions for Newly Created Lots, Consolidation and Re-Subdivisions, Condominium Property Regime Maps,

Topographic Surveys

Pre-Construction Topographic Surveys, Construction Progress Topographic Surveys, Topographic Surveys for Volume Comparison, Topographic Surveys for Subdivision Plats,

Certified Surveys

American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys, National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) Surveys, Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) Flood Certifications, State of Hawaii Shoreline Certifications


Professional Consultations Regarding all Provided Services


Clarkes Land Surveying is a family owned and operated Maui based firm with over 40 years of combined surveying experience. Providing boundary surveys with simple to understand lot survey plats. Guiding clients through the rigorous subdivision and condominium process. Writing legal descriptions for lots and easements. Acquiring topographic field data for mapping and earthwork volume analysis. Establishing precise control networks for construction projects. Staking horizontal and vertical layouts for the construction of new structures, roads and bridges. Calibrating large sites in preparation for use with GPS receivers and GPS guided machines. Developing 2D and 3D models for use with GPS receivers and GPS guided machines. All while maintaining the utmost respect for the ‘Aina and the Hawaiian culture.



Kevin was born and raised in Hawaii and has extensive knowledge of the geography of the Hawaiian Islands. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude from San Francisco State University with a BS in Civil Engineering and with 16 years of experience in construction, drafting, land surveying and engineering disciplines, Kevin is prepared to oversee any project. He holds a Professional Land Surveyors license (LS 17011) in the State of Hawaii and an Engineer in Training Certification (EIT 155098) in the State of California.



Tera came to Maui when she was 2 months old and was raised in Kihei. She graduated with honors from the University of Hawaii with a BA in Business Administration. Tera has 12 years of experience, with a career beginning at Maui College as the administrative assistant to the Dean of Instruction, leading to financial management positions with an international sporting event, a civil engineering firm and a luxury shopping mall. Her experience is broad and has touched on a wide variety of professional disciplines.



Ed has lived in Hawaii for 36 years; the last 29 on Maui. Prior to living in Hawaii, he earned his AS degree in Forestry Engineering from Clatsop College in Oregon. While working for U.S. Forest Service he was exposed to the construction aspects of forestry. This led him to join the Operating Engineers Union as a surveyor apprentice, where he had a successful 30-year career and retired from the Union as a Journeyman Survey Party Chief in 2015. He now works with his son overseeing Clarkes Land Surveying field operations.


Please understand your project is important to us, average turn around time for quotes and proposals is between 24-48 hours.

Mission Statement

To provide quality Land Surveying services in a timely and cost-effective manner to our clients and the community, while insuring the highest level of accuracy and precision.

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